How Money Is Made [Part 1]

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney

This isn’t the usual kind of post I write. It’s kind of personal.

I’m going to give you something really valuable in this email series but you’re going to have to work at it to grasp its significance. Sorry for that, but it’s unavoidable for reasons that will become obvious.

First, I hate talking about myself. I don’t think I’m that interesting a person. But I do have one unusual skill you might find interesting:

I know how to make money whenever I want.

In other words, I can make money on demand.

How much? Several millions of dollars, so far, actually.

And I want to pass this skill on to you. I want you learn how to do it too.


First. If you learn this skill it will take nothing away from me. So why not?

Second. The last thing I want to do is keep it to myself and eventually pass without sharing.

That would be a tragedy, I think, for both of us.

Third. It’s not hard to learn. Anyone can do it.

Seriously, anyone. Yes, that means you. Not only that but it really takes me less than 10 hours a week of actual “work”…

And, I’m not talking about anything sketchy… this is legal, honest and totally do-able.

In the next few posts I will share with you exactly what this skill is and how you can use it to make money on demand too. And I’ll show you how money is made from this skill all across the Internet… from blogs, to YouTube to eBay and Etsy and Patreon and more…