Leading Your Customers (part 1)

In the last Lesson we talked briefly about influence, our attitude and how it could be used to sell more.

Friend, it’s very important to understand this point:

When you have your own business you must lead your customers to make a buying decision.

You must assume the role of a leader and use the influence you have to convince your customers that your product or service is the correct solution to their problem.

Here’s a short story that illustrates this lesson:

When I was director of economic development for the City of Utica, NY there was a company that was in financial trouble that wanted the city’s help.

It was my job to complete the due diligence on the company to see if the were eligible for financial support and to make sure that any financial assistance we provided them wouldn’t be a waste of taxpayer’s money.

Although the company was eligible for assistance, investing any money in this business would have been a complete waste. The owner was very able to lead the employees to do a wonderful job…but he was not leading his customers so that they viewed his company as the solution to their problems.

In fact, he had a customer list of 32,000 that hadn’t been contacted in over 5 years! He had a few (large) regular customers that had kept the business afloat.

When he ran into financial trouble he didn’t even call his bank who had his largest outstanding loan on the books to let them know he was closing the plant for two weeks. The bank president found out about the closure in the news!

When most people think about leadership, they rarely think that marketing is a form of it.

But it is.

If you want to be a millionaire Friend, you have to lead your customers….right to your door.

Take them by the hand, gently, but with confidence and poise show them that you are the solution to their problems.

DO NOT expect your customers to choose to do business with you just because you’re nice or are well dressed, or you give away donuts. You must be a leader of your customers and with firmness, empathy and gentle prodding get them to open their wallets. This YOU MUST DO every day if you’re to succeed.

More about leadership marketing tomorrow.

Friend, have a beautiful and safe day!

Your personal success coach and partner