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Thank you again for taking this online training and mentoring program!

I want you to know that the information contained in these mentoring sessions is information I have never revealed anywhere else. You are not getting my second-best or left-over material here, you are getting the ‘real deal’, my tried, tested and proven strategies and methods for succeeding online that no one else knows about… until now .

With that said, are you ready? Ok! Let’s get going – your personal coaching and training begins NOW!

Lesson 1


First, I want to ask you to and that you need to relax.

Totally, completely and utterly…. R – E – L – A – X …..

If you are under any kind of financial pressure or personal distress I need to ask you to forget about everything for the time it takes you to complete these lessons. You are the center of my attention… my attention is totally on you and the delivery of this lesson so I need to ask you to reciprocate and pay very close attention by forgetting all your troubles, problems and by trying to avoid as many distractions as possible while completing this Lesson.

The best way to do that is by finding a quite place where you can concentrate and you are alone. Then focus on nothing else except the words on this page, reading them one after another and reading them again, if necessary. Please don’t skim… read it word for word. If you skim the meaning becomes skewed.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT TIP: If you get the wrong idea, once planted in your brain, it’s difficult to remove even after you’ve learned the truth.

This concept is actually your very first lesson in success. You may have learned something in the past that took hold of you and you believed to be true, when in fact, it was not true. When you finally do learn the truth, you don’t accept it.. the current belief has logged itself in your brain and refuses to give ground. So, the lesson is: be careful what you believe when you first learn it, because an existing belief is almost impossible to dislodge without great effort. If a new belief conflicts with an existing one, the existing belief will almost always wins out, unless you free yourself from it by mental trauma… and I mean trauma.

If you meet with a fact presented in these Lessons, and you have an existing belief that is the opposite of what I am teaching, try to keep your mind open! Not to say that everything I say is the ‘truth’… of course, it’s the truth as I see it… but don’t dismiss it just because it conflicts with your own beliefs.

Examine you own beliefs often and what I am teaching and then pick what you can out of both to benefit you.

Here’s one thing you can bank on: The only difference between you and a millionaire is your beliefs about what is and what is not possible. People who make a lot of money are no different than you, they only ‘see’ things differently… that’s it. Learn to ‘see’ the way they do and you will change your financial situation overnight… I know, because it’s happening to me -as you’ll learn below and in future Lessons.

What Really Works Online

You can read ebooks and listen to audio interviews and watch pc-videos all day long and still not be able to get something going online. You’re stuck and you don’t know why. Most of the information you need to successfully start an Internet business is available, so why do most people still fail?

Here’s something very, very important… everything you need to make money online or offline is available to you right now… the problem is, “who do you trust?” and “what do you believe?”.

It’s scary to have to ‘commit’… you’re not sure if that course of action you decide to take will pay off or not.

You’re afraid to waste your time in activities that will not bring you closer to your financial and personal goals. You are right to be cautious… but don’t confuse being cautious with being prudent.

Sometimes the most prudent thing to do is to take action even when you do not have all the facts…!

Just getting started is the best course of action. Shoot then Pick a target! If you miss, you move on to the next shot.

I guarantee you one thing: doing nothing will get you one thing: NOTHING.

Taking action toward what you want will always win… even if you start wrong, it’s better than sitting still. As you move toward something you create ‘course corrections’, refine your strategy, learn from your mistakes but YOU KEEP ON MOVING.

“Refusing to act leaves a person paralyzed, exactly where he was previously. But once he acts he is never the same… the moments I truly live are the moments when I act with my entire will” – Oswald Chambers I am assuming here that you are ready and prepared to take action, not just read this lesson . Right?

Most of the information in ebooks is OK… some of it is pretty bad advice.

But you know by now that you need more than advice… you need a ‘model’ to follow and a plan if you’re going to be successful online.

You have that ‘model’ in your hands right now. This is a course you don’t just study, you ‘model’ it. In addition start paying close attention to what ‘big’ names online are doing, not what they say, but what they “do”.

Why Most People Don’t Get It (Making-Money Mindset)

In a world with almost infinite possibilities and infinite options people are more CONFUSED about ‘what to do’ than ever before.

That’s true for people who want to make money online, for people who are trying to decide what to have for dinner or for people who are deciding on an operation.
Everyone has a large number of choices to make today about almost every aspect of their life.

It’s dizzying.

There are hundreds of Internet marketers selling ‘how to’ courses and programs. Each one teaches you ‘how’ they did it… I’ve personally spent $15,000 or more on these types of programs looking for answers.

Take a look at your inbox and see the offers that come in!

The bottom line here is this:

People are confused… they buy these all kinds of information because they want to end their confusion or unsettled state of mind.

It’s a psychological equation… the GREATER the CONFUSION (or unsettled state of mind) the MORE you, I and they buy.

Let’s face it… technology did not make our lives less complicated. It gave us more choices. It gave us more things to understand and less time to understand them.

So, there is a HUGE GAP between what we KNOW and “ALL there is to know”. It has ALWAYS been like that, but the technology innovations of the last 100 years has made the ‘GAP’ even more pronounced creating even more CONFUSION and dissatisfaction in people’s lives.

This is absolutely CRITICAL for you to understand if you are going to succeed in your own business today.

Why You Listen To Everyone Who ‘Thinks’ They Know Something About Online Marketing and Still Don’t Know What To Do

I do it and you do it too. We read, study and buy information products that promise to END our CONFUSION.

That’s the REAL promise most information products make: Buy this and your CONFUSION will END.

It’s a psychological equivalent of rubbing a balm or salve on an aching muscle… it brings instant, but temporary relief. When the salve stops working the muscle aches again, seeking more “instant” relief.

That’s why you can read a ton of ebooks about Internet marketing and still not get anywhere- the books and the ‘solutions’ you’re buying are ‘instant’ relief to your confusion, but they don’t last and don’t provide a complete solution.

Does that mean their books aren’t any good or aren’t helpful? No, not at all. Some provide excellent information and will help… but that’s not what I talking about here.
I’m talking about the fact that you, me, your customers and everyone is looking for solutions to problems they have and it’s almost guaranteed that one ebook or one conference or one seminar will NOT be able to settle their confusion or give them the direction they’re looking for.

That’s why they (and we) buy MULTIPLE solutions … and they (and we) keep buying until some BALANCE is created in their MIND… they keep buying until they begin to see a potential solution to their problem in their mind and they are once again “satisfied”.

Once they THINK they have a potential solution to their problem they STOP buying and are pretty much satisfied. Their confusion is settled… they are at PEACE with the potential problem because they can see a solution that’ll work for them. Even if that solution means giving up and pursuing another course of action.

Most people rarely have any real PEACE in their lives. Peace is a fleeting state of mind. It comes occasionally but is quickly replaced by MORE confusion… and the whole process starts again: Confusion (or a problem) seeks a solution. People incorrectly use “problem” when they are more simply “confused” abotu what to do.

Being “dissatisfied” is a temporary state of mind … it always means we are actively seeking “satisfaction”. Being “confused” cannot last long psychologically either, “confusion” must be replaced by “fusion” or the bringing together of a solution.

“People are CONFUSED and DISSATISFIED about a lot of things in their lives and will seek a solution until an answer is found that satisfies them”
The other side of confusion is the VOID or EMPTINESS that people feel in their lives.

I don’t want to get into a metaphysical discussion here, but the void in people’s lives creates demand for products of all kinds to “fill the void or emptiness”.

I also won’t get into the reason this void exists (I won’t even pretend to know why it exists!)… it exists and you don’t really need an explanation of WHY it exists to know that it does exist.

It just “IS”… but… here’s WHY the Yoga and Spiritual Movement of the last 30 years has attracted so many people: They are CONFUSED by the VOID and want to understand it by seeking a ‘spiritual’ solution.

The VOID is always looking to be FILLED with something.

What is the “void”?

Most people who have a few minutes of ‘free’ time cannot spend it doing NOTHING (also known as the “VOID”)… it is extremely difficult for most people to “STOP” the thoughts running through their minds. Have you ever tried it?

Stop for a moment and see if you can STOP thinking about EVERYTHING… no thoughts at all… utter ’emptiness’… if you can do it I assure you it won’t last long.

“Thoughts” will start forming in your mind again after a few seconds. It’s almost impossible to stop them for long periods of time. This is the VOID… and it wants to be filled with thoughts or distractions constantly…

People all over the world seek distractions: Entertainment, sleep, a good read, movies, etc… ANYTHING to fill the “void”.

Want proof?

OK …

Tell me what is the HIGHEST paid profession in the world, in almost ANY country, is?
Along these same lines, “What do people spend more money on than almost anything (other than shelter expenses)? They spend more on this one activity than they do food or clothing…”

The answer is:


Movie stars, rock and roll music personalities, football stars and other ‘public’ entertainers are paid a great deal of money… more than the President of the United States, more than 99% of the CEO’s in this country.

See you in the next installment…